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Expert Electrical Services for Homes & Businesses

What we can do for you:

Brand new builds.

If you are looking to build with a builder, whether it be a project home builder, private builder or owner builder house, we offer all aspects of the electrical trade from start to finish within your new home. With our expertise and attention to detail, we will ensure that your electrical work within your build will be nothing short of prestigious.

Home renovations – old or new.

We complete many renovation projects for our customers. Whether it be a new pergola and deck to complete your alfresco and outdoor living, or it could be a new extension to your home. We do it all! At Delta Tech Electrical, we have the right team and the right attitude to assure you the work will be completed at a high-quality standard.

Home and building rewiring.

Have you had renovation after renovation and the wiring within your home or building is starting to become dangerous or even life-threatening? We offer complete re-wiring services to ensure that all joins and excess cabling are deleted and brought back to new complete wiring within your home or building.

A great offer we do for our customers that are looking to buy an old house is to have a wiring inspection completed before buying the property. After the inspection is completed, we will confidently let you know if you need a re-wire or if you are safe.

Full switchboard upgrades.

When was the last time you opened up the switchboard and had a look inside? If you have a switchboard that looks like it needs attention to you may have old ceramic fuses or plug-in circuit breakers that barely turn on or off anymore, then do not think twice. We offer full switchboard upgrades from start to finish, even if you need it replaced with a whole new switchboard than we will replace it with a new one. Switchboards are a very important part of the house and also a very dangerous part of the house. We carry out switchboard inspections all the time for our customers so if you are not sure contact us for a free inspection!

When it comes to switchboards, we cannot stress enough that you just cannot put a price on safety.

RCD safety switch / installations / repairs.

We install, in all our switchboards today, single pole safety switches (RCBO’s). To the everyday person these are known as safety switches pr RCD’s. We install these upon a new circuit being installed into your home or when we carry out switchboard upgrades. These are today’s number one device or protection that you can have on your circuits within your home. If you do not have these within your switchboard, then we suggest that you get in contact with us today as these devices are what saves lives in people’s homes.

Telephone and data communications cabling.

Telephone and data cabling can be carried out within any home or building that requires it. We install data outlets for customers requiring new outlets in different rooms of their home or even to have the telephone line disconnected if need be or even relocated to a more appropriate location. Here at Delta Tech Electrical we are equipped with the best materials and testing equipment to carry out all types of telecommunications work.

Energy efficiency review / audit.

Do you ever wonder why your electricity bills are quite high? Do you ever wonder what you could do to reduce the costs of your electricity bills? We can carry out a full energy efficiency review and audit of your homes electricity usage and we can see what you currently have within your home that is causing these bills to be quite high and what we can offer to complete for you to reduce the costs for you!

CCTV install.

Security systems are becoming a very popular thing to have within your home. These create a great deterrent when it comes to people trying to get into your home as they see the cameras and decide otherwise. We install complete hardwired systems back to a central hub and monitor so that you can watch and see each camera around your home for yourself and better yet have it record everything!

These are also really good to have installed if you go away for a holiday or even if you are out at work for the day as it gives you security and protection to your home while no one is home.

External and security lighting.

External lighting is gives you that grand feel to your home. External lighting can be as simple as lighting up your front porch entry or maybe a light for the backyard so that you can see at night time. We go that extra step at Delta Tech Electrical and always opt in our professional opinion that will benefit yourself and your home so that you are happy with the external lighting around your home.

Another form of external lighting is security lighting that we can install for you. Security lighting can be great for your home as it acts as a deterrent for any unwanted guests that are hanging around during the night. These can be installed with or without sensors on them so that they can go on and off without you having to operate them from a switch.

LED and internal lighting.

LED is the way of the future when it comes to lighting. LED is the most efficient form of lighting that we have today and will benefit anyone that wishes to have it installed within or around their home. We install a full range of LED lighting from Downlight’s throughout your home to LED strip lighting or even LED landscape lighting. Get in contact with us and we can arrange a lighting consultation within your home to discuss options on how we can improve your home but, not only improve it but reduce those energy costs for you!

Ceiling and exhaust fans.

When is come to ceiling fans we can definitely accommodate for you. If you’re changing a light fitting in a bedroom and replacing it with a fan/light combo or the team here at Delta Tech Electrical will offer to go that one step further and give you a couple of different options that you can go with to give the room that you are changing the best look possible in the end.

Exhaust fans are a great asset to have in the rooms that are going to build up moisture light a bathroom or a laundry. If you have these rooms building up that moisture, then we can arrange one of our team members to come out to discuss possible options you have in order to have an exhaust fan installed.

Landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is something that generally isn’t a focus point for a lot of people within their home. What a massive missed opportunity to make your home feel that much more grand and more special. Landscape lighting gives your trees and garden beds the appreciation they deserve. We carry out all kinds of different landscape lighting jobs to give your garden the lighting look it deserves and that you are after. Landscape lighting can be made as simple as you would like it or as big as your garden bed, your options are endless!

Strata and real estate electrical maintenance.

We accommodate for anyone and everyone. A big contribution of own work is working with local real estates with their electrical maintenance work. We are very active and responsive when It comes to this kind of work as we look at it like emergency callout work, as soon as it comes through, we go above and beyond to get there and get the work completed as soon as possible. If you do have a problem with your property and you contact us direct, then we would be more than happy to contact the real estate for you to organise agreement to go around and get the work completed.

Installation of stoves / ovens / cooktops and electrical appliances.

Is that oven or cooktop looking a bit old and starting to not work properly? Do you wish to have it upgraded? Here at Delta Tech Electrical we can arrange to have your old oven, cooktop or any appliance you may have disconnected, and the new appliance installed all on the same day!

New appliances are great, and they make you wish when you have them installed that you should have done it sooner!

We also go that extra step and offer if we need to upgrade the circuit because you may have an induction cooktop for example, it might need a circuit upgrade. If this is the case, we will organise a price for you on the spot to inform you of how much it is all going to cost before we go ahead with any work.

Hot water installations and repairs.

We carry out complete dis-connect and re-connects of old and new hot water systems. Are you having the old hot water system replaced? Call us and we will disconnect the old hot water and then we will arrange to re-locate the wiring if need be, the re-connect the new hot water system all in the same day! We operate very quickly and efficiently when it comes to hot water systems as we understand the hot water will be off so we try and get it all completed as quick as possible to get the system back on and heating up.

Or has your system just stopped heating up? Or do you just not have any hot water? This could be because you may have blown an element or thermostat within the heater and this is also something that we can help get replaced and fixed on the spot for you.

AV / TV installations.

We carry out all kinds of AV / TV installations. Installing new free to air TV ports in any room within your home can definitely be arranged. We can install new Foxtel TV ports in any room of your choosing in your home. We can upgrade existing TV splitters or even replace them if need be. We carry the best tools and testing equipment with us to carry out all our AV / TV installations.

Full smoke detectors tests and replacements.

Did you know that your smoke alarms are good for 10 years from the install date and then they become redundant?

We can carry out a smoke alarm inspection for you and make sure that your home is completely up to date and also make sure that it is covered for insurance purposes. We install nothing but the best alarms today for our customers as smoke alarms are designed to save lives especially if a fire starts while everyone is asleep, you need a reliable working alarm that is going to operate when it needs to.

Test and tagging.

We carry with us the adequate test and tagging equipment so that we can check to see that all leads being checked comply and are working with no faults. We carry out a lot of our testing for our commercial customers but can also accommodate for our residential customers as well if need be. It is something that by law you need to have done to ensure your appliances and leads comply with Australian standards. If your property or workplace needs a routine test and tag completed, get in contact with Delta Tech Electrical today!

Fault finding and repair work.

Have you lost power? Have you lost lights? Has your oven or cooktop stopped working? Fault finding is a big part of our job as an electrician and we have the best team and expertise when it comes to fault finding. We have a great reputation for fast and efficient fault-finding skills as we can find faults, rectify them and ensure that there are no more complications with that fault before leaving the job. We are confident that any electrical fault you may have the team here at Delta Tech Electrical will be able rectify it.

If you have any faulty parts or appliances with a faulty part, we are also confident that we can repair it and have it working better than before!

Electrical Services FAQ’s

We understand the urgency of electrical emergencies. Our team strives to respond as quickly as possible, typically within the same day, to ensure your safety and restore your electrical systems to proper working order.
Absolutely. All our electricians are fully licensed to work in residential and commercial settings. They are also insured for your peace of mind, ensuring that all work is carried out safely and to the highest standards.
Yes, we can. Our team is knowledgeable in energy-efficient solutions, including LED lighting upgrades, energy-efficient appliance installations, and solar power systems. We can advise on the best options to reduce your energy consumption and save on utility bills.
Frequent power outages or flickering lights can indicate a more serious underlying electrical issue. It’s essential to contact us for a professional assessment to identify and resolve the problem safely, preventing potential hazards.

Yes, we provide comprehensive electrical inspections for both home buyers and sellers. These inspections can identify potential electrical issues before a property sale, ensuring the electrical system is safe and up to code.

We can also offer, to potential home buyers, a completely new electrical layout to give your new home your very own personal touch and increase the value of your home at the same time!

Booking a service is easy. You can fill out our online form, or give us a call on 0422 999 527. We’ll discuss your needs, provide a quote, and schedule a service at a time that’s convenient for you.

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