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3 Lighting Tips for the Perfect Home Office

Last year saw more people than ever working from home. If you have spent more time working from home in 2020 you probably already know tthe appeal of having the perfect home office.

On the one hand, working from home eliminates the commute which means more free time. On the other, more distractions at home can mean lower productivity. Plus, it can be harder to ‘leave work at work’ and you can end up feeling you are always in the office.

The good news is that with a few clever design and decoration choices, you can minimise these disadvantages and make the perfect home office space.

A workspace that is light, spacious and feels free from distraction is crucial. While furniture choices can make a big difference, how you light your office is enormously important. With task lighting, ambient lighting and complimenting your natural light sources you can create a calm, distraction-free home office.

Consider where your natural light sources are coming from

Artificial lighting should complement the natural light in the room. Think about where your desk and everyday tools are situated. If you have a window, it’s usually best to face your desk towards it or at least situate your desk near the window.  That way, you can gaze out of it while you think and bathe your main workspace in natural light.  Night owls also benefit from this setup.  Light up the window frame with LED to create a calm working environment in the evenings.

Make clever use of task lighting

Task lighting is one of our favourite hacks for a home office.  Using lights to signal when you’re at work is a great mental trick to separate your office and home-time. Simply switch on your focussed desk lights to immediately transition to office time. Switch them off again when your workday is done. Task lighting is especially good if your home office is occasionally used for another purpose, such as a guest bedroom.

Let corrective light give your eyes a break

Sitting at the computer all day can result in eye strain and migraines – regardless of where your office is! Make the most of the control you have over your workspace and install corrective lights behind your monitors to give your eyes a break. Well-placed lighting behind your screen set-up can help mitigate the bright glare that causes eye strain. Any soft light will do, even a well-positioned lamp.

The world is slowly going back to normal but the last year has shown many of us the benefits of working from home. One of the best ways you can create the ideal office space is with better lighting choices. The electricians at Delta Tech are ready to advise you on what kind of set-up best suits your house and home office goals. Get in touch for a free quote today.