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3 Ways To Reimagine a Room with Lighting

Kitchen Pendant Lights

The best lighting tips from electricians and installers you never thought of!

On the Central Coast, Newcastle, and throughout the Hunter region, we are a house-proud bunch. The natural beauty of our area is only highlighted by our coastal suburbs and rolling hinterland hideouts.

If you’re thinking about a refresh in one room or your whole home, your choice of lighting can truly be the design element that turns your vision into reality.

There is a reason lighting is so important in theatre, cinematography and photography: it enhances design features and creates atmosphere.

Lighting can make or break a space.  A well thought out lighting plan can turn a dreary unused corner into a cozy reading area, or allow you to be flexible with your other interior choices. Have a room that serves multiple purposes? Such as a spare bedroom that doubles as an office? Smart lighting choices can help transition that room from one function to another – with a simple flick of a switch.

Here are some of our favourite tricks:


Create mood without sacrificing visibility with recessed lighting

Also called downlights, recessed lighting is an ideal choice for rooms with low ceilings, or low centres of focus, such as kitchens, offices, or living rooms. They emphasise furniture, the interior design, and cast your eye downward. When done right, it creates a warm, atmospheric and cozy touch to any room.

Use layers to create contrast and emphasise design elements

Using different light source at different levels highlights the most important areas of a room. It creates interest and contrast in larger spaces and can emphasise a room’s unique shape or function. For example, hanging pendant lights over a dining table will highlight the communal eating area. Contrast this with higher, brighter lights at a nearby breakfast bar to visually separate the two spaces – even if they are in the same room.

Choose your bulbs carefully

It’s easy to get focused on fittings, but the shape, brightness (wattage), and hue of your bulbs will set the scene for the entire room. Bright and cool lights suggest an activity, while dimmer and more yellow-toned lights create coziness. If energy efficiency is a concern (especially with most frequently used lights), then energy-efficient bulbs should be your prime consideration. Your electrician will be able to advise you on the best choice.

By far the best advice we can give to anyone wanting to refresh the look of their home with lighting: make a plan. Map out each room and brainstorm. What will each room be used for? How it should feel when you walk in? And how will this room tie into the style of the rest of the house?

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