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What Is Data Cabling? And How Can It Boost Connectivity

data cabling

Data cabling is a twisted pair cable that runs throughout your home or commercial property to ensure that you can be supplied with the internet, a phone line or numerous amounts of data points throughout the property. Today’s cabling is generally wired with the CAT6 cabling throughout residential and commercial properties to ensure the fastest connection speed possible.

How can we help with data cabling?

We offer full support and expertise when it comes to data cabling. We can provide you with advice as to how to improve your home by adding appropriate data points throughout to create a great connection and flow throughout the property. Not only will it boost connectivity throughout your home, but it is also a great selling point.

Data can be wired from your modem to any point within your house to ensure that you have a guaranteed internet connection from the modem to the appliance through a hardwired connection. This is great for ultra-fast internet speeds and eliminates the use of WIFI connection and dropouts.

Where can data cabling be installed in your home?

  • Office spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Desk spaces
  • TV’s
  • Security system’s
  • Garage
  • Shed’s
  • Anywhere you would like! We can make it happen

Do you need data?

Absolutely! You need it so that you can operate the internet. A lot of properties are adapting to the new NBN which is great! We fully support NBN and we can add an extra bonus to your home through the addition of data points to provide you with that extra bit of comfort when it comes to having secure, reliable connections in your home.

Where do go from here? Still stuck?

Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can increase your home and make the data usage more secure and connected throughout.